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Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Initiatives

In today's connected world, it can be hard to find the right balance between our work and personal lives. Saks Fifth Avenue encourages you to take time to focus on your personal needs and the things that matter to you. Whether it's a day off for a doctor's appointment, a week off to unwind and re-energize, or extended time off to start a new family, finding the time to balance work and life can make a big difference. Work/life balance is crucial for your physical and mental well-being -- and that's important to us.

  • Flexible Work Arrangements

Saks Fifth Avenue supports flexible work arrangements to help Associates manage their time through work/life balance choices. Providing flexible work arrangements allows Associates to achieve a better balance between work and home lives while still strongly contributing to the Company.

  • Family-Friendly Benefits

Saks Fifth Avenue offers comprehensive benefits package of health, wellness, insurance and financial plans, including medical, dental and vision coverage for same-sex domestic partners. We also provide valuable programs to help with personal needs and transitions.

For example, the Paid Time Off (PTO) program gives eligible Associates a "bank" of time each year, with a specified number of hours that can be used for any reason at all. Whether it's to stay home when you're sick, chaperone your child on class outing, or take a vacation.

We have a generous policy of paternity leave and adoption leave, as well as a graduated return to work plan for new parents. Our company also helps Associates with elder care responsibilities by providing a supportive workplace for adult caregivers.

  • Wellness Initiatives

In 2011, Saks Fifth Avenue launched “Healthy-You”. The goal of this corporate initiative is to provide our Associates with easier access to care and a greater focus on health education to enable them to proactively manage their health. “Healthy-You” is administered by third parties in order to protect employee privacy. Features include:

  • Wellness Ambassadors across that country in our stores and corporate locations bringing wellness to the local level with onsite programs.
  • Wellness Web Site with online health assessments, personalized lifestyle programs and more.
  • Biometric Screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and BMI.
  • Onsite Health Centers at two of our larger locations, New York City (10th floor) and Jackson, Mississippi (upper level).
  • National In-Network Access to any CVS Minute Clinic, which provide no-appointment-required visits with Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants for minor heath concerns.
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