Our Fundamentals

The eight Saks Fundamentals reflect our collective beliefs as a company and shape how we approach our work, and most importantly what it takes to be successful. They define what is expected of each and every individual who is at or is joining Saks, and illustrate how we are expected to show up every day. The Fundamentals are at the core of all that we do at Saks and serve as the foundation for our culture.

The Fundamentals form the basis of Saks’ employee experience including the interview process, how we drive and reward performance, and how we develop and grow our talent. Ask your recruiter which Fundamentals are most critical for the role you are pursuing to best understand what to highlight during your interview conversations!
Focus on the Customer
At Saks, we are obsessed with creating the best customer experience possible. Whether it be potential candidates, our vendors and brand partners, or our own employees, the customer is always at the center of our decision making.
Be Fast &

Taking risks can sometimes lead to failure, but failure presents the opportunity for us to learn from our mistakes. We are agile and we move quickly to solve problems, and we provide a safe and supportive environment that allows everyone to take smart risks. After all, taking risks leads to success!

Seeks Diverse Perspectives

Diverse perspectives allow us to learn from one another and grow. Collaboration with others is essential, and operating as one team with a shared mission allows us to achieve our goals and innovate together.

Trust & Respect
One Another
We are all on the same team and working together towards the same mission. Always assume positive intent! Respecting one another is at the core of what we do and is the foundation of our interactions. Trust and respect go hand-in-hand to help us achieve our goals.
Prioritize What's Important
Thinking on our feet and moving quickly is the expectation at Saks. As a luxury ecommerce destination, we have numerous high priority projects and initiatives at all times. Set goals to stay on track, and focus on things that will have the highest impact on the business. Keep longer term goals in mind to balance and consider future impact. 
Challenge the
Status Quo

Successful innovation requires constant intellectual curiosity. We continually revolutionize our business by generating and pursuing innovative ideas, such as our hyperfocus on digital evolution and disrupting how customers transact digitally.

Push for Continuous Improvement
Always push for continuous improvement. We must frequently update our way of thinking whilst utilizing data, providing rapid feedback, and scaling up as dictated by the business. In doing so, we are able to seek out and pressure-test new and innovative ideas, while constantly iterating on the things that already make us great.
Accomplish Goals Through Others
Teamwork equals success. Here at Saks, the nature of our business mandates that our most important initiatives be cross-functional. It is only through active collaboration with one another that we are able to go above and beyond in achieving team goals.
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