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At Saks, we consider Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to be an all-in effort that touches everyone in our organization. So we’re always looking for opportunities and forums to engage with our employees around this important work, like our Employee Resource Groups, our inclusion Advocates, and our DEI Council.


We strive to ensure our employees are not only challenged in their work, but also fulfilled personally and professionally. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) reinforce this effort by fostering community and engagement at work, offering opportunities for personal and professional development, and promoting a sense of belonging.
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AAPIFY @Saks serves to strengthen relationships within the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and allies at Saks. We will provide an inclusive space to advocate for the diverse needs of our community by building awareness, mentoring and empowerment through professional and social networking events.
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ABLE @Saks
ABLE @Saks serves to recognize and celebrate the diverse talents and experiences of employees with disabilities – both seen and unseen, physical and mental. Through education, awareness, and community, we strive to create an environment where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and contribute to the success of Saks.

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¡HOLA! @Saks

¡HOLA! @ Saks serves to bring the Hispanic/Latinx community together to celebrate our diverse cultures and leverage the power of our collective voice. We will promote enhanced Hispanic/Latinx representation in our business through education, leadership and networking opportunities.

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ONYX @Saks
ONYX @Saks serves to create an inclusive environment and safe space for all Black employees at Saks through educational opportunities, cultural events, volunteering and professional and social networking. We are committed to equality, inclusion, and to promoting awareness and understanding of the Black experience.
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PARENTS @Saks serves to impact company culture to ensure competitive parental workforce support and flexibility, applying a lens of today’s working parent to our corporate decisions, policies and vision. We aim to build a community of awareness and support through events, seminars and shared resources, and to foster dialogue around the new normal.
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PRIDE @Saks serves to promote an inclusive culture of acceptance, dignity and respect, and to raise general awareness of LGBTQ+ employees and their contributions to the company. Additionally, we aim to partner with peer companies and community organizations to further our mission within our industry and the communities we serve.

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SHALOM @Saks serves to provide a safe space for Jewish employees and their allies that promotes inclusion and a sense of solidarity. We aim to raise awareness of the Jewish identity and experience through education and celebration centered around culture.
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WOMEN @Saks serves to empower women to achieve their professional goals through career development and advancement, while fostering a supportive community that promotes relationship building and networking.


Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council comprises a cross-section of employees representing diverse backgrounds and perspectives across different levels and functions of the organization. The council was formed to represent the voice of the broader employee population in supporting and accelerating DEI objectives aligned with Saks’ overall strategies.

The Saks Inclusion Advocates are a network of DEI champions from every level, every function, and every location who help us celebrate diversity, champion equity, and foster inclusion on our teams and in our workplace. Inclusion Advocates meet with the DEI team regularly to brainstorm, action plan, and execute on DEI projects and initiatives.


Now in its second year, our monthly series of Courageous Conversations at Saks continues to enhance our acumen and comfort in discussing DEI-related topics, and to foster deeper understanding and connection among our teams.

Engaging in Courageous Conversations challenges our current practices and fosters improvement, collaboration, and growth through dialogue, active listening, and acting on and providing feedback that will lead to stronger bonds among employees. In Courageous Conversations, individuals are encouraged to express their views openly and truthfully, rather than becoming defensive or laying blame.

Having Courageous Conversations in the workplace enables people to share their lived experiences, helps colleagues better understand one another, and promotes a culture of inclusion. When employees feel safe to talk openly and experience a sense of belonging, they are more engaged and want to stay with our organization. Additionally, they feel valued by leadership and welcomed within our culture.


​​​​​​​Another way for employees to engage in support of our DEI initiatives is with Saks Serves, our employee volunteer and community impact program that brings Saks employees together to give back through service opportunities designed to build resilience and uplift underserved communities.

Saks Serves offers regular volunteer opportunities for employees, both virtually and in-person. Past projects have included virtual reading buddies and craft projects; packing meal kits, hygiene kits, and first-responder appreciation kits; school supply drives; and a project to outfit and provide professional headshots to support homeless youth seeking employment.