Our Interview Process

At Saks, we aim to provide the best possible experience for every single applicant. Check out the overview below to familiarize yourself with our interview process.

Here's What to Expect:

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Find your perfect role on our job board. Attach your resume, fill out your experience and qualifications, and click submit. Congrats! Your application is on its way to be reviewed by one of our recruiters.
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If your background appears to be a good fit for the role, you will be contacted by the respective recruiter to set up an initial phone screen.
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If qualified, your recruiter will work with you to coordinate and schedule a first round interview to speak with the Hiring Manager.
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For our Technology positions, you may be asked to complete a technical assessment following this first round conversation.
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Should the Hiring Manager wish to move forward with considering your application, you will meet with other members of the team and potential partners.

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After this final round of interviews, the recruiter will connect with the team to collect feedback and a decision.
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At this point, you may receive an email from us asking you to complete a Candidate Satisfaction Survey.*
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Should the Hiring Manager wish to move forward, your recruiter will reach out to extend a verbal offer over the phone.
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However, if you're not selected to receive an offer, your recruiter will follow up with you to inform you of the team’s decision and any feedback they may have provided.
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Once the offer has been verbally accepted, you will receive the formal offer letter via your Workday Home Account to sign and acknowledge official acceptance. 
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Upon acceptance, you may be sent a background check through our provider, Certn, depending on whether or not the position requires one.
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After clearing the background check, you will be ready to begin onboarding documents to prepare for your first day!

Saks Fundamentals-Based Interviewing

Here at Saks, we base our interview process off the Saks Fundamentals in order to ensure an equitable interview process is conducted for all applicants. These Fundamentals permeate all roles within the organization and are consistent across all of our functional areas, and from a recruitment perspective allow us to understand the necessary requirements to succeed in the organization as a whole. 
Each of our Fundamentals has their own set of behavioral questions that are asked during an interview based on the level of the position. These behavioral questions are designed to elicit examples of an applicant's past behavior in work situations, where their past performance is used as a performance indicator for the position in which they are being considered.
Our interview teams will set up individual scenarios using lead questions and may ask additional probing questions, and will then assess your answers against specific Behaviors tied to each Fundamental. These Behaviors inform our interviewers as to what each Fundamental looks like in action, and act as their foundation and anchor.
To ensure that you are best prepared for an interview at Saks, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Fundamentals.

*At Saks, improving our candidate experience is a priority because it is an opportunity for us to have our candidates promote and market our brand. We need to make sure that our brand attracts the best talent by providing a positive experience to all of our candidates. The first ‘key moment’ in the employee lifecycle begins before an individual enters our organization. We want to capture feedback from candidates to ensure that our hiring process is consistent and thorough. We use this data to find trends and determine the components of our hiring process that need to be corrected. Currently, once a job is filled, a survey will be sent to each candidate who interviewed for that role. Ultimately, we plan to send the survey to candidates prior to communicating the outcome of the interviews to get as unbiased responses as possible.​​​​​​